July 18, 2012

Our different selves

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I believe we have different selves we show to the world. At the most basic are the personal self, the one you show to those who are closest to you, and the public self, the one you show to the world in general. My personal and public selves are relatively similar but I had a partner who’s could be quite distinct from each other.

I have a business self I’ve developed over time to deal with clients. Now, some clients become friends and get to see my personal self. I was reminded of my business self recently with a new client about the time I arrive. I am very prompt, I arrive at my agreed upon time. Most clients appreciate that. She had not wanted me to start too early, but I do two a day and she wanted a morning. I have to start early enough to get to my afternoon on time.
I ended up putting her a on a different day than she had wanted to accommodate this. I let her set the time, I would always ask as I was leaving, The same time next time?

So I arrive at that time and she says with obvious annoyance, This is too early! It felt like she was saying I was arriving before I was supposed to. I WAS THERE AT THE AGREED UPON TIME! Now my personal self felt like saying; Bitch, this is the time YOU picked. But my business self said; I thought this was our agreed upon time, would you like me to come at …

So I guess I’ve developed a mask of sorts to deal with an aspect of my world. It’s me but not my most natural me.


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