April 8, 2013

He touched my heart

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Was walking back to my apt. today. I crossed the path of a homeless man shuffling along holding up his pants, I looked back from across the street and realized his pants were all torn and falling apart. It touched my heart; I ran inside and dug out a pair of levis and went to see if I could find him. He was down the block digging in the dirt beside a business driveway. He thank me when I handed them to him. I though maybe he could use a warm shirt and a clean pair of underwear, dug out the underwear and a flannel shirt and put them in a plastic bag and went to see if I could find him again. He was asleep on the other side of the driveway using the pants as a cover; they’re his now, he can use them how he wants. So I left the bag next to him. He and the bag were gone when I went by there later today. I can’t afford to give any money right now but I can certainly share what I do have.


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