April 8, 2013

He touched my heart

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Was walking back to my apt. today. I crossed the path of a homeless man shuffling along holding up his pants, I looked back from across the street and realized his pants were all torn and falling apart. It touched my heart; I ran inside and dug out a pair of levis and went to see if I could find him. He was down the block digging in the dirt beside a business driveway. He thank me when I handed them to him. I though maybe he could use a warm shirt and a clean pair of underwear, dug out the underwear and a flannel shirt and put them in a plastic bag and went to see if I could find him again. He was asleep on the other side of the driveway using the pants as a cover; they’re his now, he can use them how he wants. So I left the bag next to him. He and the bag were gone when I went by there later today. I can’t afford to give any money right now but I can certainly share what I do have.


July 22, 2012


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Since I make things from what I call interesting objects; that way I’m not limited just to what I find, I can buy things too; I drag a lot of crap home. I try not to be a major pack rat but my place has gotten to where I don’t want to invite anyone in. I want to invite some people to dinner. So I am purging today, recycling, donating, putting things out front to “walk away” as I like to call it, throwing stuff away, stuffing even more into my tiny storage space downstairs. The storage space needs purging to, but that’s for another day. As it is at the moment, the place looks worse than when I started this morning, but such is the way of things. I will beat the chaos back into the corners and make my home presentable enough for company. My goal at the moment is to reconcile the living room enough so that I can do my stomach, chest and bicep weight routine tomorrow morning.
I just looked out front and about 2/3’rd’s of the things I put out to walk away have. It helps that I put a curb alert on Freecycle.
If you look at my kitchen, tools, papers, very organized, other parts of my home, not so much.
I see it as an ever shifting balance between chaos and order. Neither ever goes away completely, but chaos has become much too predominant.
Enough of a break, back to sorting.

July 20, 2012


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I like Science Fiction. In the late 60’s I read a book titled “Stand on Zanzibar” by John Brunner.. It took place in 2010. Many of the things he wrote about are fact today, not in the form he speculated, but that’s how that type of fiction can work.
With the shooting in Aurora CO today, I’m reminded of one element from that book. There were those called Muckers, based on Amuk or Amok. These were individuals who cracked under the pressures of the world and just struck out and killed the people around them. We may not call them that, but they’re with us.

July 18, 2012

Our different selves

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I believe we have different selves we show to the world. At the most basic are the personal self, the one you show to those who are closest to you, and the public self, the one you show to the world in general. My personal and public selves are relatively similar but I had a partner who’s could be quite distinct from each other.

I have a business self I’ve developed over time to deal with clients. Now, some clients become friends and get to see my personal self. I was reminded of my business self recently with a new client about the time I arrive. I am very prompt, I arrive at my agreed upon time. Most clients appreciate that. She had not wanted me to start too early, but I do two a day and she wanted a morning. I have to start early enough to get to my afternoon on time.
I ended up putting her a on a different day than she had wanted to accommodate this. I let her set the time, I would always ask as I was leaving, The same time next time?

So I arrive at that time and she says with obvious annoyance, This is too early! It felt like she was saying I was arriving before I was supposed to. I WAS THERE AT THE AGREED UPON TIME! Now my personal self felt like saying; Bitch, this is the time YOU picked. But my business self said; I thought this was our agreed upon time, would you like me to come at …

So I guess I’ve developed a mask of sorts to deal with an aspect of my world. It’s me but not my most natural me.

July 17, 2012

They speak to me

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So I just did a piece that has been half finished for a few weeks and it did not end up like I thought it might. It told me [so to speak] to go in another direction yesterday. It ended up looking very chimpanzee, but seems to have that spark of intelligence [ya, I know I’m a little crazy]  so I’m naming it after a character in planet of the apes. I dub thee Zira or Dr. Zira.

I have a friend that claims my pieces have spirit and essence; perhaps, I know they have personality.

IMG_1174 copy

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IMG_1174 copy

card board facination

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I finished a new piece today, my largest so far, made of packing material and a shoe insert. I think it’s a trip, here’s what he looks like.The mouth looks blue but that’s due to the flash.


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Hi, my name is Richard Kane. I’m an artist, a poet, a bit of a philosopher. I sign my artwork with R.Kane; I love the word [arcane] and, it is my name. I sign my poetry with both. I have a page on hubpages for my poetry  rkane3.hubpages.com and I have an etsy shop for one kind of my artwork; assemblages of interesting objects in the form of faces http://www.etsy.com/shop/rkane12

Here’s a sample of my artwork.

here’s a sample of my poetry.

A grand experiment, men the clever monkey, will intelligence succeed?

The deeper we look into the universe, the more we see.

Do we perceive rightly, only the future may tell.

Dark matters, quarks, cosmic strings, perhaps particles of thought.

Do we understand our understanding, as it battles our beliefs.

Such a tendency to look at the gee wiz, but not the oh my god.

Till the consequences of what we’ve done slap us up side the head.

Such curious creatures we are, can’t leave anything we touch unchanged.

copyright 2000 R.Kane AKA Richard Kane

Check out my sites if curious. I will post more later.

July 16, 2012

find @ etsy www.etsy.com/shop/rkane12

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Milk Man 1

One of my assemblages of interesting objects.

July 3, 2012

Hello world!

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