July 22, 2012


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Since I make things from what I call interesting objects; that way I’m not limited just to what I find, I can buy things too; I drag a lot of crap home. I try not to be a major pack rat but my place has gotten to where I don’t want to invite anyone in. I want to invite some people to dinner. So I am purging today, recycling, donating, putting things out front to “walk away” as I like to call it, throwing stuff away, stuffing even more into my tiny storage space downstairs. The storage space needs purging to, but that’s for another day. As it is at the moment, the place looks worse than when I started this morning, but such is the way of things. I will beat the chaos back into the corners and make my home presentable enough for company. My goal at the moment is to reconcile the living room enough so that I can do my stomach, chest and bicep weight routine tomorrow morning.
I just looked out front and about 2/3’rd’s of the things I put out to walk away have. It helps that I put a curb alert on Freecycle.
If you look at my kitchen, tools, papers, very organized, other parts of my home, not so much.
I see it as an ever shifting balance between chaos and order. Neither ever goes away completely, but chaos has become much too predominant.
Enough of a break, back to sorting.


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